I exist on other places! Feel free to add me or contact me on this platforms if you wanna chat or reccomend me likely terrible GBA games to play.

  • Twitter: @Lemmy7003 DN: C.C Mitch Stormblessed
  • Twitter is the place I mostly vent my madness or whatever the hell I've got going on. Go there if you don't mind hearing someone rant about video games or how annoyed I get at work sometimes.

  • Through A Console, Darkly is my secondary review website, where I review any number of games that stokes that reviewing fire in my dumb little brain. It's a side project, something I'll be updating intermitally, but if you're interested, check it out!

  • Shouting At The Void is another side website, this time dedicated to all the books, comics and manga I read! Email: cckaiju@gmail.com

    This is my email set up just for this website, so if you have any questions or concerns, or maybe want me to play a specific game? shoot me an email here!